Breaking Bad Habits


Bad habits are hard to break. Whether it’s a particular habit you can’t seem to kick, or just getting the hang of daily obedience, this guide provides help to start winning the battle with stubbornness today. Find helpful tips and insights from women who have struggled with their own bad habits.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: The Bit and Bridle
by Janine Petry

Leaders Guide
How to use “Breaking Bad Habits” for a group study.

Let Me Repeat That
You can choose the right road by God’s repetitious grace.
by Jan Brown

God’s Talking to You!
Can you hear him?
by Virelle Kidder

Thank You for Not Smoking
I gave God my life, but he wanted my addiction as well.
by Lynn Gauthier

Confessions of a Perfect Christian Woman
How getting real about our messy lives is good for us.
by Julie Ann Barnhill

Too Much of a Good Thing?
The secret to discovering when enough is enough.
by Mayo Mathers

Addicted to Daytime Drama
With only one life to live, I didn’t want to spend mine in front of the TV.
By Lynette Kittle

Rebel Yell
The conference brochure said “no pants,” but my inner Bad Girl said “no way!”
by Liz Curtis Higgs

Just Gotta Have It!
6 ways to help you develop cravings for God’s Word.
by Katrina Baker

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

Total number of pages - 61 pages

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