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For all the reasons we choose a church, if we don’t form friendships there, we won’t want to stay.

That’s why this download is so important. Karen Swallow Prior looks at why so many of us have so few friendships. She starts her article with the arresting line “Women drive me nuts.” James M. Houston insists that only a soul friend can show us the ecology of evil within us. Anne Peterson looks at why we need to cultivate a large group of friends. Chandelle Claassen challenges us biblically to enrich our lives by making friends who are different from us.

So if you lead a small group, a women’s ministry, or an entire church, this download will help you think about what will truly make your ministry successful over the long haul.

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Make an Effort to Befriend
by JoHannah Reardon


The Female Friendship Crisis
Friends are an indispensable part of growing in Christ. So why do many of us have so few?
by Karen Swallow Prior

Independence Myth
Only our soul friends can show us the ecology of evil within us.
by James M. Houston

The More Friends the Merrier
Learn how to cultivate a group of friends.
by Anne Peterson

Make Unlikely Friends
Enrich your life by making friends with those who are different than you are.
by Chandelle Claassen

Assessment: Building Relationships
How rock-solid are the bonds between your group members?
by Rachel Gilmore

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