Environmental Stewardship - Bible Study


Should we care about climate change? Does pollution really matter to our faith? Isn’t it all going to burn in the end anyway? Environmental issues can be a hot-button for Christians, often caught up in debates about politics and concern about New Age or pantheistic Earth-worship. But when we look beyond the controversies, what does the Bible say?

This Today's Christian Woman single-session Bible study will help you deepen your faith as you dig into Scripture, reflect on the truth of God’s Word, and take action steps to live out your faith as you learn how to embrace environmental stewardship as a Christian.


    • Genesis 1; Psalm 104; Isaiah 11:6–9; Matthew 6:25–34; Romans 8:18–25    


    • “Environmental Wager,” by Andy Crouch, Christianity Today (June 2005)    

Total number of pages - 9

Format: PDF


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