Faith in the Voting Booth


The church isn’t a monolithic voting block for politicians to bandy about as they tally up electoral votes; rather, she is called to be a prophetic presence in the culture that will speak truth to power. Just like God’s prophets in the Old Testament who challenged kings and rulers to be just and merciful and called them out on their greed and idolatry, the church can call politicians to the mat on important ethical matters and challenge our leaders, Republican and Democrat alike, to govern in a manner reflecting biblical values.

So what does it mean for you to embody biblical values in the voting booth? And how can you navigate the morass of political opinions and pandering that dominate our culture especially during an election year?

These are complicated matters! This Today's Christian Woman download can serve as a launching pad for personal reflection and group discussion as you tease out the issues and consider your own political involvement. So read, consider, discuss, pray... and vote! Remember that liberty is a blessing (even when we’ve had it up to our ears with slogans, bumper stickers, and robo-calls!)

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Prophetic Politics
by Kelli B. Trujillo

Leader’s Guide
How to use "Faith in the Voting Booth” for a group study.

Voting Christian
By Eileen Button

The Defining Issue of a Presidential Race?
Observers consider what Christians should prioritize.
By Amy E. Black, Chris Seiple, and Galen Carey

World-Changing Politics
Should we try to change the culture through political involvement?
By Karen Keen

Happiness and Our National Virtue Deficit
Where a people abandons virtue, government steps in.
By Chuck Colson and Timothy George

God and Government
The church is not a political interest group.
By John Ortberg

Additional Resources
Articles Bible studies, and books to help you further

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