Fresh Ideas for Women's Ministry


Why is women’s ministry a touchy issue for so many of us? Many of us have stereotypes about traditional women’s ministry. Sometimes these perceptions are founded in true experiences, but they can hinder us from pursuing community in these contexts. Instead of ministering to other women and allowing ourselves to grow, we isolate ourselves and our gifts.

We have designed this resource to help you understand the spiritual needs of women and what churches are doing well. Unlike other Gifted for Leadership packets that feature in-depth articles, the handouts in this resource give you short and succinct snapshots of the issues surrounding women’s ministry. You may use these handouts at the beginning of a meeting to help launch a discussion, hand them out as brief primers for someone new to this particular ministry, or give individually to key leaders who work on outreach and events for women. God bless your ministry!

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


Women’s Ministry Gets a Facelift
Why women need a new approach.
by Bonnie McMaken


Welcoming Women to Church
Cultivate a church culture that is welcoming and loving— others will sense its presence.
by Linda Riley

Different Women, Different Groups
Reaching diverse women may require you to bypass a one-size-fits-all ministry.
by Denise Farrar and Judie Amen

Why Women Resist Community
Overcoming comparison, competition, and mistrust to create good feelings.
by Nancy Barton

Drawing Younger Women
Ways to build a ministry that will be attractive to all generations.
by Karen Mains

Lessons for Women’s Ministry Leaders
When she took over a women’s Bible study, this leader learned some important lessons.
by Virginia Vagt

What’s Working in Women’s Ministries
These ideas and strategies are finding success in all kinds of churches.
by Naomi Gaede-Penner

Out of the Box Events
Fresh ways women’s ministry leaders are reaching out to women today.
by Amy Nappa

Living Life as a Mentor
Add this significant one-to-one dimension to your ministry.
by JoHannah Reardon

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