Choosing to be grateful in every circumstance is an expression of trust. It means saying thank you before we even know the outcome because we trust that God knows how to give good gifts. It also means thanking God for gifts we wouldn’t choose. Today's Christian Woman has built this resource to help you gain a better understanding of gratitude and learn how to thank God for what he has provided. These articles and testimonies will provide spiritual insight and help you praise God for the gifts he's given you.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Thank you.
by Marian V. Liautaud

Leader’s Guide
How to use “Gratitude” for a group study.

An Attitude of Gratitude
I determined never to allow myself to become discontent again.
by Mayo Mathers

Radical Gratitude
What a dying friend taught me about being thankful “in all things."
by Mayo Mathers

A Door to the Heart of the Father
Acknowledging everyday gifts from God.
by Diane Eble

The Gift of Gratitude
TV news anchor Deborah Norville on some surprising benefits of saying “thank you.”
by Dawn Zemke

The Secret of a Grateful Heart
The practice that released my bitterness and restored my joy.
by Karen O'Connor

7 Secrets of a Happy Heart
Why gratitude is the key to cultivating true joy.
by Annette LaPlaca

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

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