How to Deepen Your Women's Ministry


Many in women's ministry see a new wind blowing. It's moving away from being event-driven ministry to being people-driven ministry. Instead of spending an enormous amount of time planning events that require huge logistics, many ministries are focusing on building relationships through Bible studies, service projects, and mentoring opportunities. What practical changes might you want to make in your own church women’s ministry? It can be scary and painful, but it’s important to be willing to critique our own ministry and ask how God might be challenging us to change. We’ve put together this downloadable resource to help you get started.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


There's a Change Afoot
By JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use "How to Deepen Your Women's Ministry" for a group study


Why I Don't Do Women's Ministry
Many churches run shallow, one-dimensional programs that miss important opportunities to minister to women.
By Amy Simpson

What Women's Ministry Can Be
I finally learned about identity, mission, and worth.
By Amy Jackson

Why It's Your Job to Break the Women's Ministry Stereotype
Sure, some of us are choking on cutesy things, but many of us are working towards a new model of discipleship.
By Sharon Hodde Miller

Life, Doctrine, and Women's Ministry
We need to give women a richer theological framework.
By Sarah Flashing

Women's Ministry the AA Way
Develop a ministry that is characterized by honesty.
By Nicole Unice

Additional Resources: Articles, books, and Bible studies to help you further


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