How to Help the Depressed


There are so many who battle depression all the time for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is from a chemical imbalance, circumstances, or past experiences, the specter of depression weighs heavily on them. If you’ve experienced depression yourself, or have lived with anyone who has, you know how difficult it can be. To make matters worse, many Christians feel that they shouldn’t be depressed. They have the false idea that if they were just more spiritual, they would not have these dark thoughts.

The articles we’ve assembled for you try to give perspective on this complex topic so that you are able to understand and help those you love who are depressed. Author Christy Lindsay gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live with depression and offers practical ways to begin to help those who are depressed. Mary DeMuth helps us see that weaknesses can become strengths. Derek Keefe helps us recognize the church’s responsibility in handling and preventing depression. Kathryn Greene-McCreight takes depression out of the medical field and puts it in the theological realm. Kelli Trujillo offers ideas of practical comfort and care, and Holly Vicente Robaina suggests that God may have a sanctifying purpose for sadness.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Understanding Depression
by JoHannah Reardon

Leader’s Guide
How to use “How to Help the Depressed” for a group study.

A Primer on Clinical Depression
Practical tips to help those who are depressed
by Christy Lindsay

The Beauty of Weakness
Spiritual growth seldom happens on the platform of our strength.
by Mary E. DeMuth

Connecting to Hope
How local churches can handle—and prevent—depression.
Interview by Derek R. Keefe

Light When All Is Dark
Our theology makes all the difference in fighting depression.
by Kathryn Greene-McCreight

On the Lookout
How can we best comfort and care for women who struggle with depression?
by Kelli Trujillo

Could God have a sanctifying purpose for the sadness I feel?
by Holly Vicente Robaina

Recommended Resources
Articles, books, and Bible studies to help you further

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