The fact is, we each struggle with insecurity. In an instant, our confidence can melt away as we desperately wonder, am I special? Am I worth it? Am I loved? Am I good enough? Though for some of us there may be obvious causes and hurts that aggravate our insecurity, we are all touched by the broken self-image that results from sin. We’ve created this Kyria download because insecurity is such a critical issue. It not only affects us on an emotional level, but it can also hinder our relationships with others, our spiritual growth, and our ministry to a world in need. In the following articles you’ll explore insecurity together— why we experience it, how we can deal with it, and what it means to find confidence and security in God’s love.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


For Participants:

What's Your Reason?
by Kelli B. Trujillo

Get Thee Behind Me, Insecurity
Beth Moore tackles a menacing issue for many women.
Interview by Sarah Pullam Bailey

When Beauty is a Beast
How we allow society to determine our standards
by Holly Vicente Robaina

Need a Confidence Boost?
Discover these secrets to liking yourself more.
by Verla Gillmor

Does Jesus Like Me?
I know he loves me, but I've always wondered if God enjoys me.
by Jennie McLaurin

Are We Worthy? (Part 1)
A theological exploration of worth and love
by Mark Galli

Are We Worthy? (Part 2)
A theological exploration of worth and love
by Mark Galli

A discussion guide for your women’s group.

Live It
A week’s worth of life-application challenges.
For Leaders:
A bonus activity for your meeting time.

A relationship-building idea for your group.

Go Deeper
Resources to help you explore this topic further.

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