Journeying Through Loss


As busy women, our lives can easily become overwhelming and over-programmed. From work to parenting to marriage to housekeeping to church to volunteering, we can get used to having our lives jam-packed with responsibilities and commitments. Though we long for time alone with God, when we actually get that time, we can flounder. What to do? How do we fill an hour with God? Or two? Or maybe even three?

This is your moment to be real. To face and deal with the loss in your life, but to do it with God. To turn your eyes, your heart, your attention to him as you struggle through this time of darkness toward the light. This Kyria download contains 12 different ideas and experiences you can use during a period of time you’ve set aside to be alone with God and focus on silence and solitude. Each idea can take from 10 to 20 minutes. So flip through these pages and zero in on the experiences that fit you best. If you’ve got just an hour, plan on doing about 4 experiences; or, alternately, you could take about half of a day to utilize all 12 ideas in this packet.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Idea 1: Explore
Study what the Bible says about loss and grief

Idea 2: Journal
Use journal prompts to honestly describe your loss.

Idea 3: Consider
Use a modern-day model to reflect on where you are in the grieving process.

Idea 4: Pray
Draw upon psalms to form your own prayer.

Idea 5: Read & Respond
Read an article and contemplate the beauty found in Christ's suffering.

Idea 6: Express
Declare truths about God's faithfulness.

Idea 7: Read and Respond
Read an article and invite God to give you a glimpse of goodness.

Idea 8: Create
Make symbolic paper snowflakes.

Idea 9: Express
Use the lyrics of a hymn to turn your heart toward hope.

Idea 10: Read and Respond
Read an article and make a crucial choice.

Idea 11: Journal
Remind yourself of why you can trust God.

Idea 12: Create
Use art to make a concrete remembrance.

Total number of pages - 49 pages

Format: PDF


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