Living Fearlessly


This download seeks to answer some of our deepest questions about fear. How can I live God’s way in a world that often feels not only out of my control, but out of control, period? How can we find courage to face the world, trusting in God’s wings of protection, when all around us prayers go unanswered and bad things still happen? We learn that ultimately bravery doesn’t mean accomplishing feats without feeling afraid. We are brave when we perform challenging feats in spite of our fear.

What fears are plaguing you? Lay them down before God as you read through this download and work through the “Reflect” questions at the end of each article. By the end, you will have bathed your mind in the reality of God’s faithfulness no matter what life circumstances come your way.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.


Introduction: It Isn’t Brave Unless You’re Afraid

Leaders Guide
How to use “Living Fearlessly” for a group study.

A Brave New Worldview
How we can live confidently in uncertain times.
By Ruth E. Van Reken

Laid Off!
While my husband searches for a job, God’s helped me do some soul-searching.
By Laurie Jackson

The Gift of Doubt
How God transformed singer/songwriter Sara Groves’ fears into courage to serve a needy world.
By Camerin Courtney

Fresh Air
3 practices to breathe courage into your life.
By Keri Wyatt Kent

Can God Be Trusted?
What Psalm 91 tells us about God’s protection.
By Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

Just Give Me Jesus
What happened when renowned Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz learned to rely on the power of Christ to sustain her through all of life’s challenges.
By Jane Johnson Struck

Additional Resources
Books to help you further.

Total number of pages - 52 pages

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