Loving Enemies


Jesus’ teaching about enemy-love demands that we wrestle with very difficult questions and take on some serious challenges; this Kyria download is designed to help you examine what Jesus’ call means for you, both in terms of people you don’t like and those whom it seems justifiable to hate. Including stories of radical forgiveness (a woman forgiving her son’s killer; a man seeking to forgive war criminals who’ve brutalized his people) and thoughtful explorations of why enemy-love is good for us, these articles and Reflect questions will help you journey through Scripture’s other teachings on this life-changing call to love.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Frenemies No More!
by Kelli B. Trujillo

Leader’s Guide
How to use “Loving Enemies" for a group study.

While We Were Yet Enemies
What my enemies show me about myself
by Charles Moore

Do I Have to Love Her?
Loving the people we honestly can’t stand
by Lisa K. Clark

My Son Was Murdered
Forgiving Tim’s killer seemed impossible.
by Dianne Collard

Loving Military Enemies
War does not exempt Christians from the second-greatest commandment.
by Stephen L. Carter

The Clumsy Embrace
Croatian Miroslav Volf wanted to love his Serbian enemies; the Prodigal’s father is showing him how.
Interview by Kevin D. Miller

Breaking Free from Bitterness
6 myths that keep us from letting go
by Denise George

The Toughest Prayer Request
Why Jesus asked us to pray for our enemies
by Cheri Fuller

Additional Resources
Books to help you further

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