Marriage Difficulties - Seeking God with Confidence


A collection of Bible studies, articles, and resources for seeking God in your pain and approaching your marriage difficulties with strength and confidence.

Confronting our pain in the midst of our deepest hurts requires courage. Dig into scripture and explore how God sustains and strengthens marriage through difficulty. Discover healing as you take an active role in deepening your sense of purpose in your marriage.

Section 1 - Transformation in the Midst of Suffering
Candid stories and powerful insights about spiritual growth will encourage you—maybe even more than you think is possible in your current state of pain.

Section 2 - What's the Point of Marriage
Deepen your faith as you dig into Scripture, reflect on the truth of God’s Word, and take action steps to live out your faith by deepening your sense of purpose in your marriage.

Section 3 - Marriage -- Strategies for Surviving the Hard Times
Explore how the Bible can speak into your difficulty, and you’ll confront your own habits and choices that may be contributing to your marriage difficulties. You’ll discover what you can do to improve your marriage and better love your spouse.

Section 4 - Can My Marriage Survive Porn?
If you find yourself in a moment of mistrust, discouragement, distance, or hopelessness in your marriage due to pornography, turn to God for strength and sustenance. God continues to love you—and your husband—with his wonder-working love.

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Total number of pages - 167 pages


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