Marriage: Strategies for Surviving the Hard Times


As you read these articles and journey through the Reflect questions that accompany them, you’ll explore how the Bible can speak into your difficulty, and you’ll confront your own habits and choices that may be contributing to your marriage difficulties. You’ll discover what you can do to improve your marriage and better love your spouse.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Confessions of a Former Idealist
Leader’s Guide
How to use “Marriage: Strategies for Surviving the Hard Times” for a group study.

My Loveless Marriage
Why divorce wasn't the answer to my emptiness
by Judy Bodmer

The Day I Left My Marriage
And the unusual advice that challenged my decision
by Becky Zerbe

A One-way Turn Around
For a two-way relationship
by Sherry Van Zante

Married...But Lonely
It doesn't have to stay that way.
by Jeanette and Robert Lauer

Starting Over
With God's help, it's possible to rebuild trust--even after a painful betrayal.
by Louis McBurney

Why Forgive?
It's more about you than you think.
by Neil T. Anderson

Clearing the Air
Walter and Thanne Wangerin saw God turn their despair into a lifetime of fresh starts.
Interview by Annette LaPlaca

Additional Resources
More books to help you.

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