Sabbath Rest


Life is busy. Chaotic. Taxing. Crammed with responsibilities. Jam-packed, too, with great things: family time, relationships, ministry opportunities. But now you’ve carved out some space and some time to experience Sabbath rest. Time to be alone. To breathe. To relax. It’s just you . . . and God. This is your moment to let the stress, worries, and commitments of your life melt away. To turn your attention to God as you offer him uninterrupted time—as you quiet your heart before him and spend time in his presence. This is your time to experience Sabbath rest with God.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Idea 1: Explore
Study what the Bible says about rest and the Sabbath.

Idea 2: Read & Reflect
Read an article and consider how Judaism can inform the way we understand and practice Sabbath-keeping.

Idea 3: Pray & Create
Use a psalm to guide a prayer, then write your own expressions of praise.

Idea 4: Read & Reflect
Read an article and think about the tension between abounding in work for God and restfully abiding in Christ.

Idea 5: Express
Use a hymn to contemplate what it means to find true rest in God.

Idea 6: Consider>
Use your imagination to guide you in a devotional reading of Scripture.

Idea 7: Experience
Give your body and mind a chance to literally rest.

Idea 8: Read & Create
Read an article and create a symbolic collage.

Idea 9: Journal
Use journal prompts to draw closer to God during your time of rest.

Idea 10: Consider
Take stock of your weekly and daily rhythms of work and rest.

Idea 11: Create
Use art to capture the essence of a verse about rest in God.

Idea 12: Experience
Take part in a recreational activity.

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