Sexual Temptation - Bible Study


Most of us not only understand sexual temptation, but experience it on a regular basis. As Agnieszka Tennant says in her article “Desire Happens,” “Misguided cravings do not discriminate between the single and the married, or the celibate and the promiscuous. They plop onto your lap unannounced.” How do we respond to those temptations? How do we take a misled God-given desire and keep it from ruining our lives?

This Today's Christian Woman single-session Bible study will help you deepen your faith as you dig into Scripture, reflect on the truth of God’s Word, and take action steps to live out your faith as you learn how to deal with sexual temptation.


    • Romans 7:14–8:1–14; Philippians 2:1–11; James 1:2–4; 1 Corinthians 10:13    


    • “Desire Happens,” by Agnieszka Tennant, Christianity Today (April 2007)    

Total number of pages - 11

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