Surrender Your Worry


Stress, anxieties, fears, concerns, worries—they follow us around, even into the moments when we seek peace and quiet.

But that’s okay. Your worries are welcome. This is your moment to bring them to God and to address them in honesty. This is your opportunity to deal with the worries that burden you as you quiet your heart before God and take comfort in his presence. This is your moment to connect— your opportunity to offer God uninterrupted time as you quiet your heart before him and spend time in his presence.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

This is your time to choose trust.

Idea 1: Explore
Study what the Bible says about worry.

Idea 2: Journal
Reflect in your journal about true, reliable reasons to let go of worry.

Idea 3: Read & Respond
Read an article that will challenge you to give up worrying.

Idea 4: Do
Address the physiological effects of stress and worry.

Idea 5: Create
Use art or photography to capture the essence of Jesus’ teachings on worry.

Idea 6: Pray
Ponder a hymn and turn to God in prayer.

Idea 7: Read & Respond
Read an article and consider how worry can be a catalyst for good in your life.

Idea 8: Journal
Explore what it really means to choose faith over fear.

Idea 9: Contemplate
Meditate on a psalm about God’s trustworthy provision.

Idea 10: Do
Smile and laugh with God.

Idea 11: Pray
Use a Scripture passage to guide you in a prayer exercise.

Idea 12: Create
Make a project that represents your decision to surrender specific worries to God.

Total number of pages - 37 pages

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