Surviving Abuse


If you or someone you love has suffered through sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, working through this guide will help you figure out how and where to get help. You’ll read stories of women who’ve survived and triumphed over various kinds of abuse—and have come forward to share their stories in order to help others break the silence on the epidemic of abuse. Most of all, you’ll receive hope from people who’ve endured the pain—and lived to tell of God’s healing comfort.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: A Secret No More
With so many Christians experiencing abuse, the numbers of women helping women is also rising.
by Caryn Rivadeneira

Leader’s Guide
How to use “Surviving Abuse” for a group study.

The Silent Epidemic
Countless Christian women are battered every day. Here’s how to respond if you or someone you love is abused.
by Corrie Cutrer

Poisonous Putdowns
Harsh words can destroy your marriage. Here’s how to defuse verbal abuse.
by Gary D. Chapman

‘He Seems to Hate Me’
What to do when you don’t want divorce, but you won’t put up with the abuse.
by Gary and Carrie Oliver

‘I’m Married to Jekyll and Hyde!’
When husbands are different in public than they are at home.
by Dr. Diane Mandt Langberg

‘I Was Sexually Abused’
Healing from the pain of your past.
by Joy Michaels

Opening the Door to Healing
When childhood sexual abuse affects a marriage’s intimacy.
by Mary DeMuth

Words That Hurt
My mother’s verbal abuse used to devastate me—but not any more.
by Kay L. Lee

Facing an Unwelcome Truth
We can do better when it comes to bearing the burdens of battered women.
by Janice Shaw Crouse

Sharing the Gift of Healing Hands
How Dr. Lori Hansen works to heal the wounds of battered women.
by Jane Johnson Struck

Additional Resources
Books, Organization, and Ministries to help you further.

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