Today's Christian Woman Bible Study Course


Studies created specifically for women and can be used for personal or group use. Full of thought-provoking questions.

These six Bible studies help women grow in their relationship to God and get practical, biblical perspectives on self-worth, stress, confidence, and contentment.

Session 1 - Where Do We Get Self-Worth?
In a culture that idolizes physical beauty and physique, where do we find our personal worth?

Session 2 - Longing to Hear God's Voice
What to do when life is dark and heaven’s quiet.

Session 3 - Harnessing Stress
How can we channel stress to work for God’s glory and our good?

Session 4 - Finding Confidence
Confidence comes from knowing who we are in Christ as we live for his purposes.

Session 5 - The Joy of Being Content
Learning to smile with what you have.

Session 6 - Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit
What do hydration and adequate sleep have to do with living water and the peace that passes understanding?

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