Your Guide to Sexual Satisfaction


Great sex starts with the right mentality.

This 146-page collection of Bible-based articles and resources was carefully selected by editors at TCW to give you our best information on the topic. Use it for yourself or with a group of other women.

In this kit, we've combined several resources, including:

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Your Guide to Sexual Satisfaction

Popular culture's resounding message about sex says "do what feels good." God’s plan for sex is multidimensional, involving your body, mind, emotions, and your relationship with Him.

How can we move past making pleasure our goal and instead seek a more intimate connection with our spouse?

Explore how a relationship with the One who created sex, and a full understanding of his purposes for sex, make sexual union hold deeper meaning and, therefore, offer deeper pleasure.

Other topics covered include:

  • Viewing sex as an act of worship.
  • Emotional intimacy is the precursor to great sex.
  • What women need to know about sexual satisfaction.
  • Enjoying sex as play.
  • The lie that perfect bodies equal perfect sex.

Total number of pages - 146 pages


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Honest answers to some difficult sex questions.